Garrison / Housing for ESO ? (why is ESO so far behind the rest with player housing)

Just watched a video for the upcoming World of Warcraft Garrison / Housing additions and have to say (despite it being WoW) it actually looked really interesting !

The overall principal/mechanics of it I thought were great (think Skyrim housing… then take it a lot further) The fact they have managed to merge housing, daily missions, crafting and a host of other things into the whole thing is very clever.

We’ve been asking Zenimax for housing since beta and eventually we are going to get it (apparently.) BUT… looking at this just ‘housing’ is a little lame now. Looking at what RIFT did and more recently Wildstar and now WoW’s Garrison expansion, Zenimax are going to have a hard time providing us with something this immersive and detailed. Even EVE Online has started down the path of player owned structures. If Zenimax don’t do something sooner rather than later I feel they may be too late !

Back to the vid. OK, yes it’s WoW, the graphics are cheap, the gameplay is questionable but obviously a lot of thought has gone into this garrison thing and it is going to add a whole new level of immersion into their game ! Zenimax / ESO need to do this, only better and with TES passion ! Just image all that but with ESO aesthetics !

Let the flaming, oops I mean discussion begin !…..



WTF buffing templar? Te 2H ult favors stam and will slot right in on all of the stam builds that are FoTM. It is exactly what they shouldnt do. The meta and TTK is already pretty garbage for an MMO. In a lot of cases there is zero counter play because certain sets + stam builds already destroy people in a few hits with NBs before people can even react. That isnt rewarding or fun game play. This is moving closer and closer to CoD.

Here’s the thing: Templar is now the only class that can effectively (that means good at) dps, tank and heal, which means all the role available in the game. Yes yes, NB can tank, DK can heal, but is it as good as templar? Nope. And before you all jump into conclusion that I’m a “negative” person, a troll, hater,… hear me out. I don’t say this because I hate ESO, but because I love it, and I want it to be even better. We can only make ESO better when we can admit its weakness and try to improve it.ESO – ALL NEW WEAPON ULTIMATES

Veteran Maelstrom Arena -Elder Scrolls Online- Why You Shouldn’t Run It For Weapons [Rant]

When traveling through Tamriel, you can’t help but notice many players with shiny Maelstrom weapons. And those weapons are indeed amazing.

Veteran Maelstrom Arena -Elder Scrolls Online- Why You Shouldn't Run It For Weapons [Rant]


If you started playing and/or running Veteran Maelstrom Arena after Dark Brotherhood launch, there is something you should know: From the launch of Orsinium to the launch of Dark Brotherhood, there were only 3 traits in vMA: Sharpened, Precise, Defending. Another factor was that before Thieves Guild there was no round saving option for vMA, so less people were able to practice the tougher rounds. As a result, the leaderboard was relatively empty and required significantly less skill to get on it. While there was indeed a significantly worse drop chance in the last chest, which didn’t guarantee a vMA weapon as it does today, if you would get a weapon, it was Sharpened, Precise or Defending. Two of these traits (Sharpened and Precise) can be considered the best traits for any weapon (Precise > Defending > Sharpened for a Restoration Staff).

So if you ask yourself how those people got their Sharpened Infernos, there is an easy answer: They all ran it before DB (and before TG)!

With DB, ZOS nuked the loot tables by polluting them with many undesirable traits, making it nearly impossible (even in 1000+ runs) to get the weapon of your desire. This was “fixed” now by guaranteeing a vMA weapon after every run. However, the undesirable traits are still there.

Let me give you a numbers perspective:

After Orsinium, I ran the arena exactly 200 times with leaderboard rewards every week and, even though the traits of what I got were good (greatswords, daggers, 1h swords, maces; everything I don’t need), I never got a single of the four weapons I wanted: Sharpened Inferno, Sharpened Maul, Sharpened Bow, Precise Resto.

With DB launch, I ran vMA once, and got a ring in the end, which is what made me quit the game and transfer part of my guild to Black Desert. When I heard the news of ZOS increasing the weapon drop chance in the last chest to 100%, I decided to give ESO another try.

I ran vMA another 50 times, making it 251 runs in total. I still don’t have a single Inferno Staff, I did get, however, a Precise Resto Staff (a Powered one would’ve been even better, but I consider both perfectly viable). It’s nice to have, but as a DD, I will rarely use it. I still don’t have a Sharpened Maul or a Sharpened Bow.

I ran the arena 251 times (~200 flawless runs) since its launch and because of that, I had way better drop chances than you will ever have with these polluted loot tables. By now, I know at least 6 players that haven’t gotten their desired weapon after 1000+ runs. According to current drop chances, every fifth of you will NOT have his desired weapon after 1000 runs!

I’m done with the arena. I am not going in there again. Don’t get me wrong, I am ready to run it another 200 times for a Sharpened Inferno Staff, but I am not ready to run it another 200 times and not get my weapon. I need a guarantee because I am not a masochist, and you shouldn’t be, either, unless you really enjoy it. We need a token system.